Title: Wm. Hepworth, Stage Manager, Tivoli Theatre, Grimsby
Author: Unreadable
Date: A March 2019 scan of an original c1908 postcard

The Tivoli Theatre was opened in December 1905 in Duncombe Street, just off Freeman Street. This original early, printed postcard shows a portrait of the Stage Manager, William Hepworth, signed "Faithfully Yours, Wm. Hepworth". At the bottom of the card is 'With Compliments'. It's likely that the card dates to somewhere about the time of the opening. A rare piece of theatre memorabilia.

The Tivoli Theatre was badly damaged by German bombs on 12th July 1943, and never re-opened. The remains of the building were completely demolished in 1955 and is now the site of the auction house for Jackson, Green & Preston.

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