Title: Wings for Victory Plaques - a Question.......
Author: A Contributor
Date: A 2015? photo of an original 1943 plaque

Does anyone know if any Lincolnshire towns won one of these wonderful plaques for their fundraising efforts during a chosen 'Wings for Victory' week in 1943? Once local councils reached certain savings targets these plaques were presented and displayed in the Town Hall or elsewhere.

Some local authorities in the UK still proudly display their plaque. What happened to any Lincolnshire ones that were awarded? Did they get broken or have they just 'gone missing'?

The 57cm x 34cm plaques were made from cream pressed bakelite by De La Rue Plastics. The plaque depicts the archangel Michael slaying a three-headed serpent (the Luftwaffe).

In my opinion, the design of this plaque is an amazing piece of WWII art!

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