Title: A Portrait by the Grimsby Photographer, William E Sherlock
Author: William E Sherlock c1911
Date: October 2014

A superb portrait which is still in excellent condition despite being 100 years old.

The sitter appears to be a Franco-Prussian war veteran. He has an 1895 Jubiläumsspange 25-year jubilee clasp above his 1870 Iron Cross. Note the names of a number of land battles on the ribbon of one medal. I don't know what uniform he wears. Naval officer?

William Edward Sherlock was born in Surrey in c1876. He married Katie Louise Banbury (born in Greenwich) in Maidstone, Kent in 1906. They were both in Grimsby in 1911 (census return). Katie died in Grimsby in 1937 and William died in Grimsby in 1944, aged 69.

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