Title: Weelsby Woods - Wojtek the Bear
Author: P. M. Fenwick
Date: January 2017

During WWI, Weelsby Woods were used as a training ground for soldiers. During WWII, Weelsby Woods hosted a camp for Italian POWs. (One of the camp's buildings remained until relatively recently.)

Unable to return home at the end of WWII because of the Russian occupation, the Carpathian Lancers of Poland set up camp in Weelsby Woods from 1945 to 1947. Many decided to make their home in the area after the camp was closed. I met the daughter of a Carpathian Lancer when I was there yesterday!

A memorial area to the Carpathian Lancers was created in 2011. Alongside the memorial plaque is the lancers' mascot, Wojtek.

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