Title: Waltham Shooting Affray
Author: P. M. Fenwick
Date: June 2016 scan of a c1910 postcard

From the days when newspapers had few photographs and enterprising, local photographers produced postcards illustrating significant local news events. In this case it was produced by 'Shaw of Grimsby'.

The 'Waltham Shooting Affray' took place in 1910 at an old cottage to which the Waltham Toll Bar gate was attached. The Dunham family who lived there provided refreshments for cyclists.

One day, two men came into the shop and demanded money. Mr Dunham physically resisted and was shot in the chest. Fortunately, he was not fatally injured. A doctor removed the bullet by candlelight! The armed robbers were later arrested in Alford.

The Dunhams' cottage stood at the crossroads, diagonally across from Toll Bar School - on the left going from Grimsby to Louth. It was demolished many years ago when the road was widened.

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