WW1 VAD Hospital Staff at Rauceby Hall

Author: T. Upton, Sleaford
Date: A February 2019 scan of an original WW1 photographic postcard

Rauceby Hall was used as a VAD hospital in WW1. The Voluntary Aid Detachment was a voluntary unit of civilians providing nursing care.

On the reverse of the photo it says, "Mr Chas Baines with the compliments of the Commandant." Who was Charles Baines?

Rauceby Hospital opened as Kestevan County Asylum in 1902. It was used as a VAD hospital in WW1 and in WW2 it became No. 4 RAF Hospital Rauceby. It was used as a crash and burnsunit under the control of RAF Cranwell. The plastic surgeon Archibald McIndoe worked at the facility along with other members of the "Guinea Pig Club".

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