Title: WWI Tank in People's Park Grimsby (1920)
Author: Unknown
Date: December 2016 scan of the original 1920 photos

A wonderful pair of original photos. Both have 'People's Park, Grimsby' and '1920' hand-written on the back. One also has the name 'EDNA'.

I am indebted to Neville Sisson for the above location map and the following message which answers my earlier questions on this page:

"I see that on your page relating to the tank images in Peoples Park, Grimsby; you state that you "... don't yet know whereabouts in the park the tank was located." I can resolve that detail for you as I worked in the said park in the late 1960's and part of my duties was to mow around what was then known as 'The Tank Ground'. I attach an image of this on which I have indicated its location. I understand that the tank was removed in 1930 rather than during WWII but I don't know where to. Hope this fills in a little of your puzzle."

And here is some additional information which has come to light:

The female Mark IV tank arrived in Grimsby on December 4th 1919 and made its way slowly from the railway sidings towards People's Park. Following a slight accident, it passed very carefully through the park gate to its sloped concrete base in the park. The tank was named 'Edna' after the Mayoress, Mrs Edna Hobbs.

In 1929, the tank and the captured German 77mm field gun were judged to have served their purpose as a 'thank you' to the people of Grimsby. They were bought and removed by J. Potts & Sons (scrap metal merchants) on the 30th January 1930.

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