WWI Sailor - HMS St George

Author: J. J. Paynes's Studios, 146 Cleethorpe Road, Grimsby
Date: c1914-1918 (or before?)

A fine WWI portrait of a sailor with a 'HMS St George' tally around his cap.

UPDATE: Somebody has kindly sent the following information which is relevant to this photo.

The cruiser, St George, was built on the Humber at the shipyard of C & W Earle of Hull. She was launched on 23rd June 1892 and served in what is sometimes described as the shortest war in history: the 38 minute conflict between Britain and Zanzibar, which was fought between 9:02 and 9:40am on 27th August 1896. She was converted into a depot ship in 1910 and served in that capacity at Immingham in the early months of the First World War. HMS St George was scrapped at Plymouth in 1920.

HMS St George was built by C & W Earle of Hull and was launched in June 1892. She was a first class cruiser of the Edgar class.

HMS St George has an interesting and distinguished service history. She was sold for breaking up in 1920.

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