WWI Nurse - Lily Hoyes, Sleaford

Author: S. W. Overton, Sleaford
Date: c1914-1918

A wonderful portrait of a British Army, British Red Cross Society volunteer. My good friend and genealogist, Wendy Parkinson, has very kindly put together this interesting family history for Lily HOYES:

Lily was born on 12th August 1888 and was baptised on the 30th September 1888 at St Denys' Church in Sleaford. Her parents were Charles and Emma HOYES. The 1911 Census shows Lily, aged 22, living with her parents (and two boarders) at 8 North Gate, Sleaford (now a newsagents?). Her father's profession was a saddler working at home. (They probably lived above a saddlery.)

Lily's father, Charles HOYES, was baptised on 31st July 1859 at St Denys' Church, Sleaford. Charles HOYES (harness maker of Sleaford) and Emma WESTON (of Hale Magna, born Ruskington) were married at Hale Magna (Great Hale) Parish Church on 3rd June 1884. Charles' father was William HOYES (groom) and Emma's father was Henry WESTON (labourer). Charles' mother's forename was Ann.

From 1895, Lily attended the Wesleyan Day School in Sleaford. Aged 22 (1911 Census), Lily is recorded as being a teacher at an elementary school. Throughout the WWI years, or more specifically November 1914 until December 1918, Lily was a British Army, British Red Cross Society volunteer. She worked part time for a total of 792 hours. Her commission is recorded as 'Lincolnshire South Lincs. V.A.D. 38' (Voluntary Aid Detachment) at the Red Cross Hospital, Sleaford. Her home address was 5 Drove Lane, Sleaford.

Lily certainly did her bit for the war effort. Any further information about the life of Lily HOYES would be very welcome.

UPDATE from Stephen Tapley, Head Teacher, on 23rd May 2019. Stephen tells me that Lily Hoyes was a second year girls' teacher at the William Alvey School, Sleaford in 1905. She was a Redcross nurse at the VAD hospital on Boston Road at the same time the Girls' School Head Mistress worked there, Mary Beavis. Many thanks Stephen.

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