WWI; HMS Bullfinch Entering Grimsby Docks 1914

Author: Unknown
Date: A November 2018 scan of an original WWI photograph dated June 1914)

HMS Bullfinch was a three-funnel, 30 knot destroyer built by Earle's Shipbuilding and Engineering Company Ltd. of Hull. She was launched in February 1898 and accepted by the Royal Navy in 1901 and assigned to the Channel Fleet.

After 30th September 1913, HMS Bullfinch was known as a C-class destroyer. (See the 'C' painted on the hull below the aft funnel.) In 1914 the 7th Flotilla was redeployed to the River Humber and remained in this deployment until the end of WWI. HMS Bullfinch's employment within the Humber Patrol included anti-submarine and counter-mining patrols.

In June 1919, HMS Bullfinch was sold to Young of Sunderland for breaking.

Additional note: In August 1914, HMS Bullfinch was involved in a collision which resulted in loss of life.

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