WWII Grimsby Town Hall March-Past 1941 (with 'Photobomber')

Author: Possibly Eric S. Green, 9 Wintringham Road, Grimsby
Date: A June 2018 scan of an original WWII-era photograph

The photo was taken on 23rd March 1941. The Mayor of Grimsby salutes as the army marches past. I believe that the mayor at the time was Charles Henry Wilkinson.

Charles Henry Wilkinson, MBE, JP was Commandant of the Auxilliary Fire Service in Grimsby. He was awarded the MBE for collaborating with the Admiralty to save two ships at Grimsby on 19th October 1940. He became an Honorary Freeman of the Borough of Grimsby in 1857.

The west (right) side of the Town Hall is in the background.

Note the 'photobomber', with her shopping, behind the local dignitaries!

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