WWII Grimsby; Saved by an Anderson Shelter

Author: Unknown
Date: A November 2018 scan of an original August 1940 photo

On the back of the photo it states that the Anderson shelter in the foreground saved the life of a woman and her 14 year old son when Nazi bombs fell on their home.

The censor crossed out the word 'Grimsby' and this press photo was described as showing a scene in a 'northern town'.

A 'Ministry of Information' stamp gives the date as 21st August 1940. I believe that Luftwaffe bombs fell on Peppercorn Walk, Grimsby on 19th August 1940. The photo, therefore, is very likely to have been taken in this part of the town. Peppercorn Walk is between Doughty Road and Garden Street and not far from Grimsby Town Station.

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