Title: WW2 Identity Cards Lincoln 1943
Author: His Majesty's Government
Date: 1943

The National Registration Act of 1939 established a National Register, a system of identity cards and a requirement that they must be produced on demand or presented to a police station within 48 hours. The early cards were buff/brown in colour but the colour was changed to blue for adults only in 1943. The 1939 Act was repealed in 1952.

The blue ID cards above belonged to Bernard M Harrison (born 1913) and his wife Phyllis M Harrison (nee Cooke). They were married in 1937. The Harrisons lived at 35, Mill Road, Lincoln. The exterior of their home appears to have remained unchanged since WW2.

Did the Harrisons have a son named Barry M in 1945? What were their wartime occupations?

On the reverse of the ID card holder it says, "With the compliments of the LINCOLN CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY LIMITED."

Note the Ministry of Food stamps. The ID cards were required to collect Ration Books.


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