Title: Victorian Cabinet Card; A Cricketing Group Scene by Nainby of Alford. "Cissie Dawson"
Author: Edwin Rechab Nainby of Alford
Date: A March 2019 image taken directly from an original c1890s cabinet card

A lovely Victorian cabinet photograph of a group of young people having a day out to play cricket. It looks very much like there are old sand dunes in the background, so the location could be somewhere along the Lincolnshire coast, not far from Alford.

The name Cissie Dawson is pencilled, in duplicate, on the back. Who was Cissie Dawson?

Edwin Rechab Nainby was born in Gedney in January 1842 and he died in Alford in July 1908. Nainby was Alford's premier photographer and he has left a legacy of hundreds of wonderful images.

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