Title: Portrait of 3 Children by Stockham of Grimsby
Author: E. Stockham of 8 Lambert Road, Grimsby
Date: A January 2017 scan of the original c1905? photo

I'm guessing that this is an Edwardian photo. Does anybody recognise the styles here? The photographer's stamp on the back is relatively primitive.

An Edward B Stockham died in Grimsby in 1923, aged 69. Could this have been the photographer? An Edward Bailey Stockham was born in London (S. Saviour) at the right time.....

No. 8 Lambert Road still stands today, if the numbering hasn't changed. It's a substantial semi-detatched property of the right period.

I have another Stockham photo on this site (Railway Worker - no. 27) which I've also dated at c1905.

On the back of the photo, written in ink, is, "Billinghay - But Who? ?".

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