Title: 'Three Acres and a Cow'
Author: Unknown
Date: December 2017 scan of an original 1886 envelope drawing

An envelope front from February 1886 with a superbly executed and amusing hand-drawn picture entitled, 'Three acres and a COW'.

The envelope has a Queen Victoria penny lilac stamp cancelled by a vertical oval, Grimsby '323', duplex strike. It also has a Grimsby postmark dated February 3rd 1886.

The original letter was sent to 10A Harrow Road in London. My good friend and genealogist, Wendy Parkinson, tells me that that this address was a lodging house. The surnames of the two recipients are known in the Grimsby area so it's assumed that they were from Grimsby and in London at the time, on business. (Kirke is a surname from the Humber area and Twidale is an East Midlands name.)

Can anyone provide further information about these two individuals?

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