Title: The Palace Theatre, Victoria St., Grimsby (c1913)
Author: Jackson
Date: October 2016 scan of an original photo.

A wonderful image of a moment in time when the good folk of Grimsby were going about their daily business! Fortunately, the original photo is particularly sharp for the time.

The theatre was demolished in 1979 but the 'Palace Buffet' and some of the buildings behind still remain. Today, the retailer 'Dunelm' occupies the area on the right of the picture.

Notes: it's possible to read 'Nobles' on one of the buildings on the right.

On the left we have 'Imperial Queen' on the tallest structure.

On the windows of the Palace Buffet are the words 'billiards', 'pool' and 'pyramids'.

Below 'Boilers Admiralty' the billboard recommends that you take 'OT' rather than any subsitute. I wonder what 'OT' was?

One of the posters has 'Loves Dares All' on it. This was a 1913 film. I have used this fact to suggest a date for the photo. It also fits with the time Jackson was producing his work.

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