Title: The New Inn, Saltfleet
Author: Alfred John Loughton, Southwell

An October 2017 scan of an original c1915 photo


The New Inn, which dates from the 17th century, is a Grade II Listed Building in Skidbrooke with Saltfleet Haven (Saltfleet).

An incredibly sharp image. It's easily possible to read this above the door: "WILLIAM PARKER MICHAEL. LICENSED RETAILER OF ALE, PORTER WINES, SPIRIT(U)OUS LIQUERS, CIGARS AND TOBACCO TO BE CONSUMED ON OR OFF THE PREMISES." Also, a cat can be seen in the doorway.

William Parker Michael was born in the Louth area in 1868, married in the Grimsby area in 1900 and he died in the Edmonton area in 1942.

Alfred John Loughton (1865-1953) was not just an excellent photographer. He was responsible for the invention of the 'Southwell Cycle', a skilled violin maker, a whitesmith, a bell-hanger and a gas-fitter. He was also a keen collector of butterflies and moths. Alfred used one of his bicycles to travel around the country taking photos. He enjoyed exhibiting his photographic work and won many international awards. For more information see:

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