Title: The Glory Hole, Lincoln in the 1930s
Author: Herbert Felton
Date: October 2016 scan of an original photo.

Herbert Felton FRPS was a famous British architechtural photographer of the time. Today his work should be more famous than it is at present!

The 12C High Bridge in Lincoln is said the be the oldest bridge in the land which still has buildings upon it. The 'Glory Hole' is the name given to the narrow arch beneath which limits the size of boats leaving the Brayford Pool to navigate the River Witham to the sea. This view looks very similar today.

The nearby Brayford Pool is England's oldest inland harbour. Today the waterfront is surrounded by Lincoln University on the far side and a range of restaurants, bars, hotels and entertainment venues on the nearest side.

Note: the printer whose property is located on the left of the picture is named as 'W J Harrison'. I believe the business still exists today!

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