Title: The Discovery of Britain's Largest Logboat - Brigg 1886
Author: Unknown
Date: March 2017 scans of the original 1886 photos

The largest logboat ever found in Britain was discovered in Brigg in April 1886. This enormous 48 feet long logboat was uncovered at a site adjacent to the River Ancholme when the foundations for the Brigg Gas Works were being dug. The boat was made from a single oak tree and would have had up to around 28 people on board.

This boat of huge archaeological importance was displayed suspended from the ceiling of the Municipal Museum in Hull until incendiaries dropped by the Luftwaffe on 23rd June 1943 gutted the building.

Surviving fragments of the boat have been radiocarbon dated to 834BC +/- 100 years placing it's creation at the very end of the Bronze Age.

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