Title: Stonebow (Stone-Bow), Lincoln c1880
Author: Unknown
Date: From a March 2019 scan of the original photograph

A superb 19th century, albumen photograph. The Saracens Head Hotel is on the right with the wonderful lamp outside. The Saracens Head was situated at 298 High Street. The pub was frequented by WWII bomber crews based in the Lincoln area. It closed in 1959 and is now used as shops and offices.

On the left is a sign which says 'GRIFFIN'. Another sign ends in '...VIES'. On the Stonebow itself, it's possible to read 'GILBERT LATE BLAKEY HAIR CUTTER' and 'G. GILBERT LATE BLAKEY - ALL KINDS OF FANCY GOODS - SHOWROOMS'. Through the arch, is a sign which says 'KING'.

The time on the clock is 6:34.

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