Salute The Soldier

Title: 1944 'Salute The Soldier Week' Commemorative Plaque
Author: Paul M. Fenwick
Date: July 2012 photo of 1944 plaque

'Salute the Soldier Week' was a national campaign to raise money for the war effort at a local level. During a chosen week in the spring or summer of 1944, fund-raising and morale-boosting community activities were held and civilians were encouraged to save in Government accounts.

Each area was set a financial target and the War Office presented a commemorative plaque to those local savings committees who achieved their targets. A number of plaques still hang proudly in town halls, libraries and council offices.

These plaques, by De La Rue of Walthamstow, are made of an early plastic (urea formaldehyde) and measure approximately 23 inches by 13¾ inches.

This plaque is said to have once hung in Grimsby Town Hall (to be confirmed). It is now in a private collection.

Note: Grimsby's 'Salute the Soldier Week' programme of events ran from 8th to 15th July 1944.

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