Title: SS Welholme in Alexandra Dock, Grimsby in 1908
Author: Unknown
Date: A January 2018 scan of an original 1908 photo

A superb and possibly unique photo of the SS Welhome moored by Victoria Mills in Alexandra Dock, Grimsby. The photo is dated June 25th 1908 with the notes '200 tons, 9 knots' and is signed 'William S Chapman'.

The Grimsby registered SS Welholme was a British screw steamship built of steel by Scott of Kinghorn Ltd, Fife in 1903. She was lengthened by Messrs. Charlton & Doughty, of Grimsby and the name was changed from "Fair Maid" to "Welholme".

The SS Welholme was owned by William Marshall & Sons Ltd. of Grimsby but was managed by a Hull shipbroker.

After leaving Burghead, Scotland incorrectly laden with a cargo of wood for barrel heads on 30th September 1910, the SS Welhome sank 7 miles N. N. E. of Cromer lighthouse on 2nd/3rd October 1910. One member of the crew, William Page, lost his life. The other crew members were rescued by the fishing smack "Constance" and were taken to Lowestoft.

Full details of the Formal Investigation of the loss held at Grimsby Town Hall between 22nd and 25th November 1910 are available online. The court estimated the value of the SS Welhome as £2,750.

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