Title: Rimac, near Saltfleetby (c1930?)
Date: c1930?

Rimac is near Saltfleetby and is now well-known as the place where you turn off the A1031 to access the track and the bridge over the Great Eau to reach the wonderful Saltfleetby-Theddlethorpe National Nature Reserve.

A military camp was established at Rimac during WW1 to train soldiers in preparation for fighting in France. After this war, the site was used as a holiday camp and many wooden huts and caravans were located here. The Air Ministry bought all of the privately owned land in 1935/1936 and cleared the site in preparation for use for military purposes, once again, in the build up to WWII. Signs of military use are still visible at Rimac. Now it's a very peaceful haven and of huge importance as a nature reserve.

I believe the photo shows a camp shop in the interwar years. One sign reads, 'Lyons Tea' another 'We have for sale camp bedsteads and chairs etc.'. (In the background, the sign says 'Bellamy's' but I can't read what it says underneath.)

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