Title: Residents in Cheapside, Waltham c1910
Author: Unknown
Date: A February 2019 scan of an original c1910 photographic postcard

A wonderful, rare photo. The Church of England School on the corner of Kirkgate on the left was built in 1866 and demolished sometime after 1957. The playground was just behind the fence. The school was a youth club for a while before being demolished. Note the mounting stone by the fence.

The Methodist (Wesleyan) Church behind the school is still there today as are cottages on the left of the photo.

The buildings on the right of the photo are long gone. They were removed when Cheapside was widened. The larger building on the right, nestled between the cottages, was the Temperance Hall. During WWII, this is where huts/billets which formed part of the Waltham RAF camp (RAF Grimsby) stood along with the air raid shelters near to Waltham Windmill. Families were allocated these huts after the war due to the shortage of housing. The Rural District Council were also based there. The area is now occupied by the houses in 'Mill View'.

I am indebted to Alan Fletcher for all of the above details.

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