Rare, Hand-Coloured, Victorian Photograph - Emma Lockhart Dymock of Louth (c1863)

Author: J Willey, photographist, 7 Aswell Lane, Louth
Date: A March 2018 scan of an original c1863 hand-coloured CDV photo

A superb example of a hand-coloured CDV photo. Emma was 6 years old at the time.

My good friend and genealogist, Wendy Parkinson, has very kindly provided me with the following family history notes for the Dymocks of Louth.

Emma Lockhart Dymock was baptised on the 9th January 1857 in Louth.  She was the daughter of Archibald and Katherine Elizabeth Dymock.  Here is the family in 1871:

28 South Street, Louth
Achibald Dymock, aged 60, J. P. Physician. M.D. Edin.  M.R.C.P. London, born Scotland
Katherine Elizabeth Dymock, aged 45, born West Keal, Lincolnshire
Henry McLean Dymock, aged 23, born Louth
Augusta Maria Dymock, aged 22, born Louth
Thomas Graham Dymock, aged 19, born Louth
Helen Jane Dymock, aged 15, born Louth
Emma Lockhart Dymock, aged 14, born Louth
Katherine Vessey Dymock, aged 13, born Louth
Sophia Louisa Dymock, aged 11, born Louth
Rosa Williamina, aged 9, born Louth
Edina Florence, aged 7, born Louth
Plus 4 domestic servants

Here is Emma in 1911:

10 Grosvenor Road, St. Albans
Charles J Crofts, aged 55, M. Inst. C. E. (Civil Engineer), Retired from Natal Government Service, born Hampstead, London NW
Emma L Crofts, aged 54, born Louth
Elizabeth N Crofts (daughter), aged 13, Natal, South Africa
Charles’ brother William was staying at the time of the census
Plus a cook and a housemaid 

Charles and Emma had 7 children, 3 of whom had died by 1911.

Additional information:

Emma’s father, Archibald Aikin Dymock, was baptised on 14th March 1811 at Saint Cuthberts, Edinburgh, Midlothian. He was the son of William Dymock and Helen McLean.  Archibald was a doctor by 1834 at 18 Albany Street, Edinburgh. Also at the address were Mrs Dymock, R. L. Dymock, Esq., solicitor & procurator-fiscal, City of Edinburgh and J. & W. Dymock, esqs W. S. 

In 1841, aged 30, Archibald (Surgeon) was living at 19, Pitt Street Edinburgh with Helen Dymock (65), Helen Dymock (25) and George Dymock (20).

In 1846, Archibald Dymock married Katherine Elizabeth Topham in the Louth District.  Katherine Elizabeth (Catherine Elizabeth) was the daughter of James Bass Topham (farmer and grazier) and Jane Topham of West Keal. She was baptised on September 3rd 1825.

By 1851, Archibald and Katherine and their young family were living at 96 Westgate, Louth.

Archibald Dymock, aged 62 years, died on the 17th September 1873 and was buried in Louth on September 22nd 1873.  1874 probate: Catherine Elizabeth Dymock and Henry McLean Dymock of Bedford.

Katherine Elizabeth Dymock, aged 66, was buried at London Road, Louth, on 27th January 1892.

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