Title: Princess Mary Visits Grimsby 1925
Author: S. J. Warren, Grimsby
Date: A November 2018 scan of an original 1925 photo

Princess Mary walks out of the Town Hall on 23rd April 1925 with the Mayor, Mr Frank Barrett.

Mary, Princess Royal and Countess of Harewood (Victoria Alexandra Alice Mary; 25th April 1897 - 28 March 1965) was the third child and only daughter of King George V and Queen Mary. Mary was the paternal aunt of Queen Elizabeth II. Mary married Viscount Lascelles (later the Earl of Harewood) in 1922, three years before this photo was taken.

During WWI, Mary launched a charity campaign to support British troops and sailors and visited hospitals and welfare organisations with her mother. One of Mary's projects was 'Princess Mary's Christmas Gift Fund'. The iconic 1914 Christmas box, an embossed brass box which contained a variety of items such as tobacco and chocolate, is now a hugely popular collectable relating to WWI.

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