Title: Old Market Place, Grimsby
Date: Late 1950s

Who were the 'criminals' who demolished Grimsby's fine Corn Exchange in the name of transforming Top Town? The Market Hall part was demolished c1953 and the lovely, ornate tower shown here was removed c1960. (If Grimsby were in Germany, they'd be building a beautiful, modern copy!)

This image was taken from a very sharp, glass slide. Some of the visible details in the background read:

Albert Gait (13), Tudor Cafe, Olde Pestle and Mortar, Nobles, Crock..... and Weddings, Portraits.

The terrible brick-built 'lean-to' appears to be a Gents loo.

Perhaps I've got it all wrong but it seems to me that the heart of the heritage of Grimsby Town was ripped out around 60 years ago. A great shame!

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