Title: Old Market Place and Chambers, Grimsby
Author: J. F. Lawrence (Mason's Alpha Series)

An October 2017 scan of an original c1955 photo postcard


Chambers was a delicatessen at the time and famous for the wonderful aroma coming from its coffee grinder in the window. At the back of the building was a cafe with live music - grand piano and violin. The place is still fondly remembered by many!

Albert Gait's stationery supplies and bookshop next door was owned by a successful, local printing company with a history going back to 1860. The Wyndeham Gait printworks in Grimsby closed in 2015.

The Black Swan public House, which was affectionally known as 'The Mucky Duck', is in the background. The pub was demolished in the early 1970s to make room for a new shopping precinct.

Bull Ring Lane is on the left.

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