Title: Memories of a 1920s Cleethorpes Beauty - Photo 2
Author: Hamilton, Staple Hill, Bristol
Date: A September 2018 scan of an original c1920s photo.

Please see the previous photo.

On the back of the photo, a former boyfriend has written the following:

"Dorothy Rich and her two married sisters. Dorothy is in the middle. She has long since gone back (to?) Grimsby and Cleethorpes. I went with her for about three months and must say she was a jolly decent girl but she was two years older than myself and was much too serious wanting me to marry her before I had scarcely known her. Still, I had some wonderful 'study nights' and pleasant walks under the late autumn moon and all the world was young. Poor Dorothy, I often wonder how the world is using her now. She was liked by all who saw her and many said I was a fool to throw her up and mayhap I was."

Was he a fool?

My good friend and genealogist, Wendy Parkinson, has sent me this interesting family history for Dorothy:

Albert Edward RICH, born c1871/1872 in Somerset or Netley, Hants.

Ellen Maud RICH, born c1876 in Beaulieu, Hants.

(Ellen) Annie Elizabeth RICH, born c1898 in Southampton

(Harriet) Dorothy RICH, born 10th February 1899 in Southampton

Bertha Beatrice RICH, born 1900 in Southampton.

Albert and Ellen married c1897. The family were in St Mary's, Southampton in 1901 but moved to Grimsby before 1911. Albert worked as a general labourer (later a transport worker) and the family home was at 114 Corporation Road, Grimsby from before 1911 until at least 1939. By 1939, Albert was living at the address with 3 heavy workers. He was described as incapacitated. Albert died in Cleethorpes in the first quarter of 1947, aged 75.

Dorothy RICH married William VICKERS (born February 1900) at St Luke's Church, Grimsby on 27th July 1930. By 1939, the couple were living in a nice home at 25 Boundary Avenue in Doncaster where William was a 'crossing keeper' for LNER. (Dorothy's occupation was noted as 'unpaid domestic duties'.) Ellen Maud RICH, Dorothy's mother, died in Doncaster in the first quarter of 1942, in Doncaster.

(Harriet) Dorothy VICKERS died at Taunton Dene, Somerset in the last quarter of 1974.

The Somerset link is interesting. The photo was taken in Bristol when the RICH girls were in their 20s. Also, the Somerset area is the UK 'hotspot' for the RICH surname. In the 1901 census, Albert gave his birthplace as Somerset but changed it to Hampshire in 1911.

The annotator of the words on the reverse of the two Dorothy Rich photos puts her age as about 21 (first photo). This dates the photos to about 1920.

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