Title: Memories of a 1920s Cleethorpes Beauty - Photo 1
Author: J. W. Hardy, Photographer, Cleethorpes
Date: A September 2018 scan of an original c1920s photo.

On the back of the photo, a former boyfriend has written the following:

"Miss Dorothy Rich taken on the sands at Cleethorpes near Grimsby. A jolly fine girl who was keen on me but she was two years older than I was and of course I wanted something young. I remember one wonderful evening we spent together down on the tea gardens bridge where the still goes through the meadows by the side of the river. I told her a fairy tale and got (her?) lost in the splendour of the moon and my tale and she went into a kind of trance which rather frightened me at the time but afterwards she told me my fairy tale was so lovely that she lost herself in dreams. I had a hard job to get this photo from her as it was the only print left. I think she is about twenty-one here."

See next photo for more memories.

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