Title: From Mayfair to North Coates
Author: P. M. Fenwick
Date: July 2016 scan of an original WWII cover

A 1942 wax-sealed cover (envelope) sent from South Molton St, Mayfair, London to Corporal C. Espir at RAF North Coates.

The recipient was almost certainly Camille Espir who was born in Colombes, Paris on 29th October 1896.  A French national, Camille lived in Mayfair and served in the RAF during WWII as a Special Operations Executive (SOE).  Presumably, this may have required a high degree of bravery…… ?

The lower wax seal has the words ‘Hanover Square’ impressed into it.  Camille once lived in this part of Mayfair.

Camille died in Amsterdam on 20th June 1971.  He was a member of the successful Espir family based in central London.  The original Espir immigrant (c1870s), an Elie Camille Espir, was a French wine merchant.  He was a widower with two sons.  Elie Camille Espir became a naturalised British subject and his family has grown and prospered over the decades.  His descendants include significant business people, traders, doctors, musicians and lawyers based in central London, Geneva and elsewhere. Two Espir family members became very successful athletes. Diana Espir, the gifted young singer, helps maintain the family name at a high profile.

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