Title: Market Place, Alford; Brittan Wakelin Printer c1922
Author: Unknown
Date: A March 2019 image taken directly from an original photographic postcard posted in 1922

'Brittan Wakelin', as the photo clearly shows, was a printer, stationer and bookseller.

The premises of 'Green', chemist/druggist is on the right of the picture. This building has been demolished to open up the Market Place.

Between the buildings it's possible to see the shoeshop, 'Stead & Simpson'.

In the centre of the photo is 'Barr & Son', opticians.

Queen Victoria's 1897 Diamond Jubilee Memorial stands in front of the shops.

Other signage of interest is, 'Alford Gazette', 'Kodak Solio P.O.P.' (printing out paper) and 'Centaur Cycle.....'.

The postcard was posted in Alford in February 1922 to a Mrs Westmoreland of Boston, 'Mother'. It was sent by Ada & Ernest who appear to be attending a wedding or another event which requires confetti. An Ada E. Westmoreland and an Ernest Keal married during the same year quarter in Boston. Could this couple be the senders?

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