Title: Ludgate Hill, Waltham c1910
Author: Unknown
Date: A December 2018 scan of an original c1910 photo

The following information has kindly been provided by Alan Fletcher:

A great picture of Sidney Topliss' shop on Ludgate Hill. Across the road is the entrance to the vicarage. At the back of Topliss' shop was a Quaker House. Just around the corner (down the hill and to the right) on Trail Poke Lane (now Fairway) was Waller's Abattoir. On the right-hand side of the shop was a large woodyard (possibly Ogle's). Next to that Waltham Hall stood proudly. Part of Waltham Hall's garden wall remains today (to the right of the Co-op).

The Grade II Listed (C17-early C18) house, 53 High Street, shown in the background, is the only building in the picture which remains today.

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