Title: Lincolnshire Home Guard Shoulder Patch in Used Condition
Author: P. M. Fenwick
Date: A June 2017 photo of an original WWII item

Members of the Lincolnshire Home Guard wore one of these badges on each shoulder in place of the more usual battalion numbers and letters.

The printed patches depict the iconic 'Lincoln Imp'. The material is a 'duck egg blue-green' overprinted in a khaki brown-green. The imp is initially the 'duck egg blue-green' but becomes a beige colour as sunlight and washing fades the badge.

See an unused version on this site:

Click here

This other version was overprinted in a darker khaki-brown. The shades do vary but original badges should still be the 'duck egg blue-green' on the back.

I think I prefer the one that has seen some action!

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