Title: John and Harriet Salsbury by William E Sherlock
Author: William E Sherlock of Grimsby



A wonderful portrait of John and Harriet Sal(i)sbury by William E Sherlock of Grimsby c1930.

My good friend and genealogist, Wendy Parkinson, has supplied a wealth of information about the Sal(i)sbury family. There’s a really interesting Brixham-Grimsby, fishing-related story here!  (A few ‘starter’ details are supplied on the reverse of the photo.)  Here is what Wendy has been able to tell me:

John Roberts SAL(I)SBURY was born in Brixham, Devon in 1849 (Oct Qtr).  He was the second of six children born to Samuel Lawrence SALSBURY and wife Hannah.  John Roberts SAL(I)SBURY died in Grimsby on 21st November 1937.

Harriet Sophia SAL(I)SBURY was born in Cleethorpes in 1856 (baptised 14th December 1856).  She was the daughter of Robert MORVINSON and wife Sarah Jane.   Harriet Sophia SAL(I)SBURY died on 9th January 1938.

John and Harriet married at Old Clee in December 1873.

John and Harriet are both buried in the St Peter and St Paul Church burial ground at Healing, North East Lincolnshire.

Timeline for John Roberts SAL(I)SBURY:

1851     Fisherman’s son, aged 1     Brixham, Devon
1861     Scholar, aged 11     Lower Brixham, Devon
1871     Grocer, aged 21     Cleethorpe Road, Grimsby
1873     Provision merchant     Old Clee, Lincolnshire
1881     Grocer’s assistant     New Clee (but visiting at Barton in Irwell, Lancs)
1891     Grocer     174, Cleethorpe Road, Clee with Weelsby
1901     Grocer Shopkeeper     434, Cleethorpe Road, Clee (part of)
1905 Kellys     Grocer     Fish Dock Road, Grimsby
1905 Kellys     Private resident at 256, Hainton Street, Great Grimsby
1911     Grocer     Living at “Churston”, The Avenue, Healing, near Grimsby (Churston is a village close to Brixham in Devon.)
1913 Kellys     Grocer     Fish Dock Road, Grimsby
1913 Kellys     Private resident at “Churston”, The Avenue, Healing, Grimsby
1930 Kellys     Grocer     Fish Dock Road, Grimsby
1930 Kellys     Private resident at “Churston”, The Avenue, Healing, Grimsby

John and Harriet had three children:

Lilian Roberta SALSBURY
Born New Clee/Grimsby.  Baptised 24th November 1876, Clee
Lilian married James Henderson CLASS, fish merchant, in 1901, Grimsby District.

Evelyn(e) Thomas SAL(I)SBURY
Born in Grimsby in 1883 (June Qtr)
Evelyne married Arthur Wilfred SMITH in 1905, Grimsby District.

Born Grimsby.  Baptised 6th February 1885, St John, Clee
John married Ada HALL in 1917, Grimsby District
On the reverse of the photo it says “Jack has two boys and lives in Louth".

John Robert SAL(I)SBURY’s father was Samuel Lawrence SALSBURY who was born in Brixham, Devon c1825.

Samuel Lawrence SALSBURY married Hannah G(eorge) ROBERTS (born in c1825 in Ramsgate, Kent) in 1846 (March Qtr) in Devon.
Samuel and Hannah had six children: Samuel L., John Roberts, Mary A.*, William G., Daniel C(arlile) and Edward.
Notes: * Mary Anne SALSBURY married Will CUNLIFFE on 1st October 1877 at St Peter’s, Cleethorpes.  Will CUNLIFFE was a land & estate agent and the son of Joseph CUNLIFFE, a cotton spinner.  On the reverse of the photo it says it’s showing, “Grama Cunliffe’s elder brother”.

(Samuel L. Jr may have married in Loughborough in 1883.)
(A Daniel Carlile SALSBURY lived at 127 Welholme Avenue.  When he died, in 1938, he left quite a lot of money.  Probate granted to another Daniel Carlile SALSBURY, company director, and Edward Lowe SALSBURY, baker and confectioner.)

Timeline for Samuel Lawrence SALSBURY:

1851     Fisherman (skipper)     Mill Tie, Brixham, Devon
1861     Grocer & baker     Brixham, Devon
1871     Grocer     29, Cleethorpe Road, Grimsby
1873     Smack owner
1877     Smack owner
1882 Kellys     Fruiterer etc     Elm Terrace, Cleethorpes
1882 Kellys     Smack owner, Grocer etc.     Fish Dock Road, Grimsby

Harriet Sophia SAL(I)SBURY’s father was Robert MORVINSON born c1835 in Stallingborough.  He married Sarah Jane VICKERS in 1856.
Timeline for Robert MORVINSON:

1873     Cottager
1881     General labourer staying with his wife at the home of John and Harriet

NB Some related children in the Grimsby area may have died at a young age i.e. Samuel Roberts SALSBURY in 1875 and Edith Roberts SALISBURY in 1877.  

SAL(I)SBURY descendants may still be in the Grimsby area as the whole of John Roberts SAL(I)SURY's family moved up from Devon.

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