Title: In Memorium of Ebenezer Easting of North Somercotes (died 1905)
Author: Unknown
Date: A September 2018 scan of an original 1905 photo

A wonderful portrait of Ebenezer Easting!

My good friend and genealogist, Wendy Parkinson, has provided the following very interesting information about Mr Easting:

Ebenezer, the son of George and Hannah EASTING was born in Legbourne, Lincolnshire on 9th September 1825 and Christened on 3rd October in the same year. George EASTING was a shoemaker at the time.

In 1841 and 1851, Ebenezer was living with his parents and siblings in Eastgate, Louth.

George EASTING born c1793 in Glentham, Lincolnshire

Harriet EASTING born c1791 in Morton, Lincolnshire

Samuel EASTING born c1821

Ebenezer EASTING born 1825 in Legbourne, Lincolnshire

Elizabeth EASTING born 1829

Eliza EASTING born c1830 in Legbourne, Lincolnshire

Ann EASTING born c1832 in Louth Lincolnshire

William EASTING (grandson) born c1840 in Louth Lincolnshire

On 3rd November 1853, at Louth St James, Ebenezer EASTING married Hannah BETONY of Pontefract, Yorkshire, daughter of Joseph.

In 1871, Ebenezer and Hannah EASTING were living at 149 Newmarket, Louth.

Ebenezer EASTING, born 1825 in Legbourne, Cowkeeper

Hannah EASTING, born c1833 in Pontefract, Yorkshire

Clara EASTING, born c1860 in Louth, Lincolnshire (married 1885)

Agnes EASTING, born c1865 in Louth, Lincolnshire (died 1873)

Joseph Betony EASTING, born c1870 in Louth, Lincolnshire

By 1881, Ebenezer EASTING and family were living in Town Street, North Somercotes. He was a grocer and sub-postmaster. His daughter, Clara, was an assistant in the post office. She later became Clara LOUGHTON.

In 1891, Ebenezer EASTING, widower, was living with his sister, Hannah HARSLEY (born in Legbourne c1820) in Yarburgh/Yarborough (middle of village). He was a grocer master and she was a housekeeper.

As it says below the photo, Ebenezer EASTING died on 15th December 1905, aged 80.

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