Title: Hatcliffe Post Office c1905
Author: Unknown

A November 2017 scan of an original c1905 photo


The boards on the wall say, 'Hatcliffe Post Office' and 'H. M. Rimington, Grocer, Licensed Seller of Tobacco'. (The small sign says 'Zebra Shoe Polish'.)

Horace Montague Rimington was born in the Newark area in 1852 and became a blacksmith in Beelsby/Hatcliffe before running the post office and shop in Hatcliffe.

Horace married Betsy Hudson in 1882. Their daughter, Mary Elizabeth Rimington (born 1894), married Percy Liliman Shucksmith (born 1895) in Hatcliffe on Boxing Day, 1935. The couple ran the post office/shop until the 1960s. Percy Shucksmith was also the local postman.

Note the stream (Waithe Beck) in the extreme bottom left hand corner of the photo.

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