Title: Haresign's Farm, Dyke Fen, Bourne
Author: Unknown
Date: A March 2019 scan of an original c1913 photographic postcard

A copy of the photograph, by L. H. Sommerfield, West Cottage, Northorpe, Bourne, came with the original. The annotation on the reverse of the copy states, "Haresign's Farm, Dyke fen (Levertons). Len Fisher with drill. Ernest Butcher holding Jack Haresign."

A Jack Haresign was born in the Bourne area in 1912. His mother was a Leverton. I believe that Haresign's Farm is now Leverton Bros. Ltd., Dyke Fen Farm, Bourne.

An Ernest Butcher was born in 1897 in the Bourne area.

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