Title: The Losing of HMS Grimsby
Author: Unknown
Date: February 2017 scans of period photos (dated)

HMS Grimsby (U16) was a Grimsby class sloop commissioned in 1933 and sunk in the Mediterranean Sea, north of Tobruk, on 25th May 1941 following attacks by Italian and German Ju 87 Stukas.

From the time of commissioning until 1939, HMS Grimsby was based in Hong Kong and carried out patrols along the coast of China. The top photo is from an album of a serving soldier in the 1st Battalion Durham Light Infantry. He spent time in China in c1938 when HMS Grimsby was there.

The photos of the sinking of HMS Grimsby came from the personal collection of a sailor who served with the British warship HMS Dido, a light cruiser. The ship was in the Mediterranean in 1941.

Another ship now has the HMS Grimsby name - a Sandown class minehunter commissioned in 1999.

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