Title: Grimsby's Brenda Fisher; Record-Breaking Channel Swimmer 1951

The Sketch

Date: A June 2019 image taken directly from an original 1951 page from The Sketch


BRENDA FISHER, first woman home in the Daily Mail’s Cross-Channel Swimming race on August 16, set up a new world record for the women’s crossing of the Dover Straits, with 12 hours 42 min. She is the daughter of Mr. Albert Henry Fisher, M.B.E., master of a Grimsby trawler. This blue-eyed, ash-blonde girl has developed an easy style in the water capable of taking her big distances without undue fatigue. And, indeed, when she finished the race under the cliffs of St. Margaret’s Bay, she said she felt fit and ready to swim back. For her splendid performance Brenda received £1000 and a silver cup offered by Señora Eva Péron - wife of the Argentine Republic’s President - to the first British woman across in the race. Brenda has also won many dancing championships.

Photo 1
At Grimsby, after the swim, Brenda met her mother.

Photo 2
“Bless you, sweetheart, you clever girl,” said her father.

Photo 3
A civic reception and a crowd of 20,000 people greeted the return of Brenda Fisher to her home town, Grimsby. In foreground is her trainer, Mr. McNally; in background, Deputy Mayor Alderman Windley.

Photo 4
“Paddy” Johnston, friend of Brenda, and inside forward for Grimsby Town, gave her a brooch. His nose is plastered following a knock during the Grimsby v Chesterfield match that afternoon.

The Sketch - August 29, 1951 - Page 197

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