Grimsby WWI Munitions Workers

Author: Unknown
Date: An August 2018 scan of an original WWI-era photograph

A wonderful photo!

The original function of NSF Grimsby (Victoria Street) was a herring-curing factory. From December 1915, 4.5 inch and 6 inch military shells were made there. They also sorted spent shells, from France, and reused those that were still fit for purpose. This factory was said to be one of the most efficent in Britain. At its peak, the factory employed about 500 women and about 100 men providing a boost to Grimsby's wartime economy.

Note the WWI 'On War Service Munitions Workers Home Front Brass Triangle' badges with a George V crown to the voided centre.

Comments welcome! Note: NSF = National Shell Factory (as opposed to NFF = National Filling Factory).

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