Title: Grimsby Dock Tower c1905 (German Photo)
Author: Unknown. German Press Photo
Date: A February 2018 scan of an original c1905 photo

There are five sailing ships and one steam vessel in the photo. The named ship is the EFFENDI. Her home port is shown to be Sandefjord, Norway.

The EFFENDI was built in Canada in 1882. She was eventually sold to a Sandefjord company in 1903. In 1910 she was de-masted and used as a barge. In 1916 she was condemned after being wrecked. In 1917 she was repaired and rigged as a schooner and renamed SUPERB. In 1918 she was sunk by the German submarine U 90.

So this dates the photograph to between 1903 and 1910. A red ink date stamp suggests it was used in a German publication or newspaper in April 1918.

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