Title: George Skelton Stephenson Portrait
Author: Jenkins & Remy, 7 Victoria-St. West, Grimsby
Date: September 2016 scan of the original photograph

A wonderful August 1891 portrait of George Skelton Stephenson M.D.. He was an important character in the history of Grimsby. I should write more about his achievements and publications at some point......

GSS lived at The Manor House, Grimsby in 1891. Does anybody know where exactly this was?

UPDATE from Emma Lingard on 7th July 2019. Emma tells me that Grimsby Manor still stands. It's now the County Hotel on Brighowgate. Stephenson lived here when it was a private residence. The building stands on a plot that has always been home to the Manor. George Whitlam also lived in the same house at another time. His daughter married Titus Salt at St James' Church, Grimsby. Sir Titus Salt of Bradford was a manufacturer, politician and philanthropist. He is best known for having built Salt's Mill and the attached village of Saltaire. Many thanks Emma.

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