Title: The Everett G. Griggs Six-Masted Sailing Ship Entering Grimsby Dock Basin
Author: Unknown (Possibly Harry Shaw, 54 Durban Road, Grimsby)
Date: A November 2018 scan of an original April 1909 photo

The tugs are working hard to tow this massive ship into Grimsby Dock.

The 'Everett G. Griggs' was a 6-masted barkentine. She was built in 1883 by Harland & Wolff, Belfast, originally as the 4-masted ship 'Lord Wolseley' for Irish Shipowners Co. (T. Dixon & Sons), Belfast. After another reincarnation as the German-owned 'Columbia' she was sold in 1904 to C. E. Peabody, Vancouver, and was remasted and rerigged to a 6-masted barkentine and renamed 'Everett G. Griggs'. In 1910, she was sold to Edward Robert Stirling, Blaine, Washington State, and was renamed 'E. R. Stirling' and became the pride of the Sterling Line.

So, the 'Everett G. Griggs' was owned by the Irish, Germans, Canadians and Americans. In 1927, the 'E. R. Sterling' left Australia with a cargo of wheat and was badly damaged by high winds and a hurricane. Only one man was killed in a nightmare voyage of 9 months. The ship was in a terrible mess and was eventually broken up in Sunderland, England in 1928. Quite a history!

Note: A barkentine is a sailing vessel with a square rigged foremast and the remainder of the masts are fore-and-aft rigged.

Note the crowds of onlookers on the right.

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