Title: The Empire Cinema in Alexandra Road, Cleethorpes c1920s
Author: C. A. G. Lewis Limited, Nottingham (Robin Hood Brand)
Date: A February 2018 scan of an original c1920s photo

This fine, Victorian building opened as the Alexandra Theatre in 1896. By 1913, it had been re-named the Empire Theatre. Live theatre continued until 1922 when it became a cinema, as in the photo.

Between 1939 and 1945, the building was requisitioned for war use. In 1946, it re-opened as a theatre. Stars such as Tommy Cooper appeared there. In 1959, the Empire became a cinema once more until finally closing in 1964.

This Grade II listed building is still there with traces of white paint on the side. It has served as a bingo hall and is now an amusement arcade and laser games centre.


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