Title: Corn Exchange and Old Market Place, Grimsby; A Crazy Idea?
Author: Boots Cash Chemists "Pelham Series", No. 967
Date: An October 2018 scan of an original c1905 postcard. posted from Grimsby to Worksop on August 2nd 1905.

Wouldn't it be great if these structures were rebuilt? Is this a totally crazy idea? No! Some may say that it wouldn't be the same if they ever were. No, they would be better and built to modern standards. Great Grimsby desperately needs a focal point to be proud of in the centre of town.

The City of Hildesheim in Northern Germany was flattened by the RAF near the end of the war. In the 1980s, a reconstruction of the historic centre began. Concrete buildings were torn down and replaced by replicas of original medieval buildings. I've seen how impressive these are with my own eyes. Surely it wouldn't be impossible to do the same in Grimsby on a much smaller scale?

Surely a renaissance of Grimsby should start at the very centre before anywhere else. The location is very close to the railway station and the main shopping centre. An ideal situation, therefore, for small shops, restaurants, a museum, new businesses etc. Obviously, the massive problem preventing this ever happening will be a total lack of funds for such a venture.

In my opinion, this is the only way of making Grimsby attractive again. We don't need a cinema or any other 'monstrous carbuncles' near the centre of town. A plan to create a Top-Town area like, for example, Beverley would surely make people want to come to the town.

If only someone was to have the vision and access to the backing and suitable architects to bring this about and help reverse the fortunes of a once great, northern town with its greatest asset being its people.

London, are you listening?

Paul M. Fenwick - 27th October 2018

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