Title: Caistor; Shirley's Windsor Chair Making Factory in Boggs Lane (late C19)
Author: Chas Eastoe
Date: A September 2018 scan of an old copy photo taken from an original late 19th century photo.

The annotation on the back of the photo reads, "Shirley's Chair Works, Boggs Lane (Now Cromwell View), Caistor, from an original by Chas Eastoe, photographer, Caistor. Date unknown."

In White's 1882 Lincolnshire Directory, Willian Shirley is listed as "Windsor Chair Maker, Wood Turner, Nettleton Road; Proprietor of Public Baths, Fountain Street". In Kelly's 1885 Lincolnshire Directory he is listed as "Chair Maker and Bath Proprietor, Fountain Street". He does not appear in the 1892 Directory so this probably means that the original photo was taken in the late nineteenth century. It is a rare image of a Windsor Chair Factory - the waterwheel and aquaduct can be seen to the left of the photo.

The famous producer of the spindle backed 'Caistor chair', John William Shadford, was also based in the town (c1843-1858)

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