Title: Beelsby Shop c1910
Author: JAY EM JAY SERIES (Jackson of Grimsby)
Date: A December 2018 scan of an original c1910 (or a little earlier) photo

The notice over the shop reads, 'J. Ormond, Grocer.' Kelly's 1913 Directory lists Joseph Ormond as 'Grocer & Blacksmith' for Beelsby. The forge (smithy) was in the building on the right. The house is still there and looks remarkably unchanged but the blacksmith's workshop was demolished c1960s.

Note the policeman in the photo.

In the late 1940s, the Beelsby Estate Office was located in the same room as the earlier shop shown in this photo. Fred Rimington, the blacksmith in nearby Hatcliffe, worked in the Beelsby Smithy every Tuesday.

The house is now called 'The Old Smithy'. The two cottages to the left are still there with more modern houses beyond.

See a later Beelsby shop here:


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