Title: ARP Recruitment Poster
Author: November 2016 scan of an original poster by K. J. Petts
Date: WWII era/ November 2016

During WWII, everyone was expected to 'do their bit'. Badges showing your role in the war were important symbols at the time.

The ARP (Air Raid Precautions) badges were especially large and impressive and initially made of hallmarked silver (1937-1940). The 'JC' ones were made by Jacques Cartier of London. Some have a 1936 hallmark but these were not issued until 1937. After sometime in 1940, the badges made were 'economy' versions of white metal. These were made until 1943.

The male wardens' version of the badge, for lapel wear, came in a red box. The lady wardens' version, with a pin clasp, came in a blue box.

These lovely badges must have been issued in huge numbers as they are still extremely readily available for collectors.

A smaller, unofficial version for off-duty wear was also available.

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